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WinsVideo Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Hello! Welcome to WinsVideo, follow these guidelines and you are good to go on the platform!

1. Video Contains swear words, racist slurs will be checked
2. Videos contains copyrighted music, images, And video, will be claimed. And could be removed.
3. Video contains quarells, bad politics, alcoholic videos will be checked.
4. Video contains controversy, antisemetic content, and weapon related games, will be checked, and labeled as not safe for children.
3. Videos contains sexual related, pornographic videos will be removed and channel will also be terminated.
4. No Doxxing, or showing personal information.
5. Video containing false information will be checked, and will be removed.
6. Political content WILL BE fact-checked, and if it is false information, it will be taken down.

Privacy Policy

We provide WinsVideo for users to upload many kinds of videos, through our website (This Website), We have our official application (still in development) via andriod app. Here are information about the data that we would collect from you.

Information for our privacy

1. When users sign up for WinsVideo, we receive your email address, your username, first and last display name. We do not collect your ip address to our database, but the ip address logging is by default enabled in our web server.
2. We do collect cookies only for the user log in session, and we do not collect any of your personal information
3. We do not collect your location.

Where will your information be stored?

WinsVideo is located in the country of Thailand (South East Asia). Made by WinsDominoes.

Other Information

In using our platform, you are needed to follow our country's laws about computers and the internet.
This is a requirement for every website hosted in Thailand.
To read the rules please go to this website here: